Out Dated Media Converted to Digital DVD format

We all have that old box of video tapes in the garage or closet that we wish we could show our kids and grandkids without having to drag out the old projector. We dread what we might see after years of dust and lack of use. Preserving these memories for future generations in digital format on DVDs is the smartest thing you can do. From Super 8 reels, old camera tapes, VHS and more, it can all be converted! Preserve your family memories for decades to come.

Memorial Slide Shows & Life Story Documentaries

Handling the sudden passing of a loved one is hard enough, add to that having to face going through their photos and letters as well. It can be a daunting task. Having all your favorite photos and movies of your loved one on a single DVD for everyone to enjoy can be a priceless gift

for so many who are grieving. Show it at your loved ones

memorial service or make multiple copies for family members

to have as a keepsake. Documenting someone’s life story

with video is also a wonderful idea. Future generations can

here family stories from the mouths of their great grandparents

themselves, again and again.

Special Event Videos

Birthdays • Graduations • Baptisms • Retirement Parties and more...

Cherish once in a lifetime events on a DVD for years to come! Everything from your baby’s first birthday party to their high school graduation and beyond. A slide show of high school friends on that final graduation day can be a unique way to remember those four years that seemed to go so fast.

Wedding Videos and Photo Montages

Dating Photos • Rehearsal • Getting Ready • Wedding • Reception

Create a slide show to show at your reception of your favorite dating

photos highlighted with your favorite music. Why should you invest in

a wedding video? You’ve spent months planning your wedding day.

You’ve taken the time to hand write each invitation. The day goes

perfectly, the food and cake are eaten, the flowers fade and the

wedding dress is stored away. Now imagine what would happen

if you had only your memory to document those life making

moments. That’s why you need a video of that day to capture

the moments that still life photos alone simply can’t. Remember

everything from the “I do” to the farewell. These are the special

sights and sounds that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Family Slideshows and Movies

Preserve the movies and photos you have right now! Why wait until they have been forgotten and tucked away in albums for years. Get them organized and on DVDs so that they will be there when your child brings home their first date. They will love for you to show the pictures to their date! I mean show your love for them, at this important moment. Or use it get through those first few weeks after they go away to college.

Video Services